Dosage – The First Guide

To start out, we recommend taking a single drop. After that, it’s common to take some drops a few times during the day. Usually, an effect can be noticed already within half an hour, with the highest blood values after some 2-3 hours. This depends on personal factors including sensitivity and metabolism. With this information, you can “play around”  with the dosage, and make the drops overlap. You are your own boss and can take the drops according to your personal preference and schedule. For more specific dosage – click here

Some examples are taking more drops in the morning if symptoms are more severe at that time, or taking an extra dose in between when there is discomfort. There is a difference between taking two drops three times daily, or taking three drops twice daily, so that’s worth trying out. The oil is particularly suitable for these kinds of experiments, because of the harmless nature of the product, and the zero chance of overdosing.

There is no set minimum or maximum to the amount of drops you can take, although little can be expected of a single drop a day, and 30 drops would be unnecessary. The building up towards a certain “level” or “zone” is the goal. This is the amount of cannabinoids that are active in the body at a given time and the corresponding level at which they are effective in treating the ailment. In this sense, it can be different from other types of medication. Sometimes a certain “activation-dose” is needed, after which it’s a matter of staying in the zone. Looking for this tipping point is essential for succeeding in the treatment.

To get there, the dosage can be increased with one single drop at a time. Within a few hours (or in some cases days) it should become clear whether it worked and if it was the ideal dose. In times of more physical or mental strain, a dose that would normally be sufficient might not be enough, due to the higher demand for cannabinoids by the body. For more specific dosage – click here.