How Does CBD Work?

CBD works by connecting with a neurological network in our bodies that is called the “endocannabinoid system.” This system runs throughout your entire body and includes hundreds of thousands of receptors that can bind itself with cannabinoids you consume.

Depending on the specific cannabinoid we have consumed, the chemical reactions in our bodies will vary. As our endocannabinoid system is rather complex, cannabis can affect us in several ways, from altering our sleep schedule and appetite to treating a medical condition or ailments. This is what allows CBD to be such a powerful, effective, and versatile compound.

Additional Functions of Cannabinoids

Although cannabinoids are mainly known for the role they play in the human endocannabinoid system, they also function in other ways.
For example, cannabinoids are known to have antioxidant effects. Vitamin C is an example of a common antioxidant.

The process of metabolizing food can produce harmful molecules we refer to as free radicals. These molecules can latch onto molecules in our cells, causing oxidation, the same process that causes metals to rust. Free radicals can harm or kill a cell and damage DNA. Molecules such as cannabinoids can latch onto free radicals, rendering them harmless.

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