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CBD Naos Healing Balm 120mg


  • CBD Healing Balm 120mg CBD
  • 30ml jar
  • Contains: ≤ 0.2% THC
  • Ingredients: Bees wax, Olive oil, Cannabidiol, Linseed oil, Lavender, Chamomile, Vitamin E


According to research published in 2009, the presence of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the dermis layer enables phytocannabinoids to interact with the skin in a way that replenishes dead skin cells.

The primary function of the ECS is to control the differentiation, survival and immune competence of skin cells and any disruptions to this delicate balance may result in conditions such as:

  • psoriasis
  • eczema,
  • acne
  • allergies
  • seborrhea
  • hair growth disorders
  • systemic sclerosis
  • cancer

Each of these conditions manifests specific symptoms. But all result in varying levels of discomfort that include

  • itching
  • tightness
  • scales
  • irritability
  • sleep and appetite disruption
  • infections
  • pain

Our CBD Healing Balm can offer fast relief from these symptoms by repairing damaged skin. In addition to daily skin care, the nourishing and restorative skin balm can also be used to treat and soften skin in insect bites, blisters or burns.

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Human, Pets

How to use

  • Apply topically several times a day on affected areas.
  • It can also be used free on baby skin, children or animals.
  • Only for superficial skin treatments.
  • The balsam is not intended for oral ingestion and should be applied on the skin only.


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